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R & D Management (London) Ltd

Whether your project involves remedial work in an older property, or preventative solutions for a new build or extension, we’re ready to provide help and advice relating to all aspects of structural waterproofing and damp proofing.

In recent years, the water table has been rising steadily in many areas. This, coupled with the natural deterioration of buildings and drainage systems, is leading to moisture ingress in many structures, particularly cellars and basements. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with moisture ingress and, as independent waterproofing advisors, have extensive knowledge of systems available and the criteria set out in BS 8102 (2009). We can therefore provide specifications for remedial action using a wide range of damp proofing and waterproofing solutions, for professional or householder clients.

Our key services:

  • Surveys, reports and specifications We can provide a specification for the most appropriate system leaving you free to use the contractor of your choice
  • On-site investigation and diagnosis This is produced during and after a site survey and often follows an insurance claim to assist the loss adjuster in processing a claim
  • Waterproofing design risk assessments Where an existing design is in place, or a new waterproofing design is to be developed, a risk assessment is required under BS 8102 (2009) to ensure compliance and provide upgrades as necessary
  • Waterproofing design Liaison with the client and design team is required to formulate a waterproofing design which is compliant with BS 8102 (2009)
  • Feasibility studies An estimated costing against the specification can be prepared to determine the economic feasibility of a scheme
  • Tender evaluation and analysis¬†We can prepare and send out tenders to recommended installers and report on the received quotes and terms and conditions to ensure value for money
  • Project management For self builders and householders we can act as an intermediary to oversee installations to their satisfactory completion

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