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Waterproofing Design

BS 8102 (2009) recommends that if a project involves ground structures, groundwater, soil gases and contaminants, then these should all be considered at the very earliest stages of the planning and design process.

For new structures it is recommended that the structural design, overall weatherproofing design, waterproofing design and construction processes are considered together, as they are generally co-dependent.  This is the approach we take at R & D as we create waterproofing design specifications which will be bespoke to every project.

When developing a waterproofing design , these are the factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure a robust design that will protect the structure against ground water:

  • The level of protection needed based on the intended use of the structure, with consideration given to any requirements for future flexibility. This should be undertaken in consultation with the client.
  • The position of the water table, the drainage characteristics of the soil and other site-specific problems, plus the implications of constructing a new basement with regard to the likely groundwater characteristics and impact on adjacent structures.
  • The need for continuity in waterproofing protection, taking into account the proposed type of foundations.
  • The appropriate type of waterproofing protection.
  • The appropriate type of primary and secondary waterproofing systems
  • The durability and repairability of the proposed systems.